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Did you know.

There’s a 70% increase in the risk of developing diabetes in men who drink one or more weekly servings of diet soda, compared with the risk of men who rarely drink it!! -Men’s Health

Workout of the day

Enjoy this basic flow, challenging warrior dance, core training and a relaxing stretch.

Tip of the day for Golf lovers!!

Make More Birdies; For straight-on putts, aim exactly 17 inches past the hole. That’s because the 17 inches of green surrounding the cup will be free of footprints, meaning blades of grass there are thicker and more upright and will slow down your putts dramatically


This cardio workout of the day consists of tough resistance, climbing, and speed work.

Boost metabolism during your workout!

The best workout isn’t necessarily the longest one. If your looking to boost  your metabolism, then slash your rest time. For example, in between sets, rest for 30 seconds, instead of 90 seconds.

Celeb routine of the week! Click the link to see who it is.
Hip Hop and Yoga!!

Join us for a fun multilevel yoga workout to hip hop music!!

Double your healing power.

 If you’re dealing with a painful sprain or strain, using ice and menthol gel together nearly doubles the treatment punch.
-Journal of Athletic Training.

Workout of the day.

This 35-min workout is flat, fast and fat burning!

Move of the day.

Triceps isolation exercises are a great workout for the back of the arms.